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For Educators

For Players / Students

Several teaching resources are below to help your students extract the educational value from the game. Use these at your leisure or, take our advice (located below) on how to incorporate the game in your classroom, free.

Google Slideshow (view-only)

*Editing in progress* Click the image to the left to access a Google Slide document that you can use with your learners. The slideshow contains a lot of information and thought-provoking questions for reflection. Included in the document is an easy how-to, visually attractive slides, and questions that promote student reflection back to their observations in the game. 

Learning Objectives


Click the image to the right to access a brief list of general and descriptive learning objectives. A lot of value can be extracted from the game, these are just some examples of how we have used the game in an educational manner.

Student Worksheets


Click the image to the left to access some worksheets to have your students complete. Integrate them into Google Classroom to efficiently allow for grading. Pick & choose the questions you want your students to answer, or create your own.


The game isn’t loading

Because the game is large, it may take up to 5 minutes to load in your browser, depending on your internet reliability. Try using Google Chrome for the best results.

Is there a mobile app version of the game?

There is currently not a mobile version available. Though, it’s coming soon! Stay tuned!

Nothing pop ups when I clicked the ‘play’ game

Try clearing your browser history & cookies. Then, try refreshing. 

Which browser should I use?

Use Google Chrome for the best results.

There’s a bug in the game

If you notice a bug in the game, kindly report it via our feedback link. For now, try refreshing the browser to fix the current issue. 

Link to google form

The level doesn’t end even after I defeated all of the enemies

This is a known bug. We’re trying to fix it. For now, move on to the next level (you are able to freely go to any level in the game without having to complete the first level). If it still occurs, try clearing your history & refresh.

Do I need to download anything for the game to work?

No! You can play right in your browser.

The game is taking forever to load

Because the game is large, it may take some time to load, also depending on your internet connection.

The loading bar stopped moving

Try refreshing. Even though the bar looks like it’s not loading, it should be loading. 

I’m inside the game, but I don’t know what to do

In ‘Section 1’ (which is located on the skull of the body) there is a tutorial. Click through the tutorial to learn how to play. If you still are unsure how to play, there’s a how-to video located here: